© Copyright 2011-2015 Fourthree Media Ltd. All rights reserved worldwide. Registered in England and Wales no: 5865195. Registered address: Tudor Lodge, 1 Howard Close, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UB. VAT Registration No: 895 9957 24 Talking your language (and the language of your customers) Maybe ‘talking’ seems a strange subject for the opening page of a technology company’s website, but language is central to everything we do. We understand technology and could drone on about how clever we are. However, knowledge is of little use unless we listen to, and understand, what you are trying to achieve; and then describe clearly how a solution could be created.   You need to communicate with your customers and our expertise is in making sure that technology aids rather than detracts from this goal. We don’t try and prove to your customers how clever we (or you) are with whizzy gimmicks - we’ve done our job if they barely notice what we’ve done! If you’d like to find out how we can help contact us telephone 03301 22 77 43 or email us